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The LCCC Library, OhioLINK Library, and OhioLINK databases offer access to music. This guide will help you locate music.

Finding Music in the OhioLINK Catalog

Step Description
1 Click here to access the OhioLINK Advanced Search page (illustrated below).
2 Type the artist name, group name, or album title in the first search box at the top of the page.
3 In the Limit Your Search frame, click the Sound Recording drop-down list and choose one of the following:
4 To find CDs, choose CD only.
4 To find LPs, choose LP only.
4 To find Audiocassettes, choose Audiocassette only.
4 To find any type of sound recording, choose All.
4 Click Submit.

Illustration of the Advanced Keyword Search page of the OhioLINK Library catalog

Requesting Music through OhioLINK

If you cannot find the musical recording you seek in the LCCC catalog, search the OhioLINK catalog. OhioLINK is a library consortium, consisting of college and university libraries, as well as some public libraries. Members of OhioLINK share resources. If you locate the musical recording you want in the OhioLINK catalog, you may be able to request the item. Requested items are delivered to the LCCC Library Circulation Desk and may be checked out.

Step Description
1 If you searched OhioLINK and found multiple items, go to step 2.
If you searched OhioLINK and found one item, the catalog opens the item's record. Go to step 3.
2 Review the list. If you see the item you are interested in, click the title to open the item record.
3 In the item record, scroll down to the Library Holdings section. If libraries that have the item are not displayed, click the [Show] link on the right side of the window.
4 Review the list of libraries that have the item. If the Status (far right column) for the item of at least one library is "Available," click the Request button.
5 On the OhioLINK Institution Selection page, click the list box, select Lorain County CC from the list, and click the Submit above information button.

On the Request Item page, type your name and the 14-digit barcode from the front of your library/ID card, and click Submit.

If the catalog lists items and allows you to choose one, review the list carefully, and be sure to choose an item with the "Available" status.

When your request is complete, the catalog displays a message indicating the library from which the item will be delivered. You will receive an e-mail in your LCCC e-mail account when the item is available to be picked up at the CIRCULATION desk on the second floor of the Bass Library.

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