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LCCC Librarians offer a variety of options for integrating library & information research skills into your course: 

General Library Orientation: Due to the overwhelming demands for library instruction, all library instruction sessions must be linked to a research assignment. For general library orientation and assistance in using library resources, please refer students to:

Library Research Toolkit (Open (aka free), badged mini-course in Canvas): Contact Chris Sheetz for enrollment information. May be used as stand-alone online instruction or in a flipped classroom model, making the library workshop time more productive for student research.

Assignment-based Instruction Session: If you are interested in instruction led by a Librarian in a library computer lab, please review the Library Instruction Best Practices for Instructors and observe the following requirements:

  • Requests for instruction sessions made less than 2 weeks in advance will not be filled
  • Faculty/Instructors MUST be present during the sessions
  • Instruction sessions must correspond to a specific research assignment or project; students must have topics chosen or narrowed to the point they are ready to do hands-on research.

To request an Assignment-based Instruction Session, please use the Library Instruction Request form below. Dates and times are not reserved until confirmed by a librarian instructor.

Library Instruction Best Practices for Instructors

Librarians provide in-person assignment-based instruction sessions or library research workshops to many classes across campus. During these sessions in the Library's classroom (LC 209) or another computer-equipped room on campus, a Librarian demonstrates how to locate relevant books and articles using LCCC Library resources, followed by self-directed search time for students to explore these resources with guidance from the librarian and course instructor as needed.

Librarians often create unique online LibGuides in advance of these sessions and tailor the resources they present to meet the needs of specific research assignments.

To make these sessions as productive as possible for students, faculty/instructors, and librarians, please observe the following guidelines before requesting a Library Instruction Session.

  • Requests for Instruction Sessions must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance: Library Instruction Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please schedule early to ensure you secure a time slot that best fits your students’ needs. Also, course guides and sample search strategies take time to develop, and the librarian may need to determine whether LCCC Library has sufficient resources to support the assignment.

  • No Library Instruction Sessions will be scheduled during the first week of a semester: Point-of-need instruction is far more effective than general library overviews given too early. Students are more likely to learn and retain search skills when they are prepared to use them (i.e., they have been made aware of their research assignment and are exploring preliminary topics). 

  • Instruction Sessions must correspond to a specific research assignment or project; students should have topics chosen or narrowed to the point that they are ready to do hands-on research: The best time to schedule a Library Instruction Session is just as students are starting work on the project that requires the use of Library resources. When the information is relevant to students' immediate needs and concerns, they are more likely to recall and be able to use the resources and strategies taught. Students should be made aware of the requirements of the assignment and should choose at very least a preliminary research topic before the Library Session.

  • To ensure that the Library Instruction Session meets the needs of the course, please provide the librarian with relevant material such as the course syllabus and information on the research assignment related to the Library Session. Feel free to talk with the librarian about what resources you would like covered, and be open to alternative suggestions. LCCC Library collections are vast and always changing. The research tool you used a few years ago may no longer be the best tool for your purposes. It is the librarian’s job to stay abreast of the best research tools for locating all sorts of information. We are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the Library’s print and electronic resources. LCCC Library owns or subscribes to hundreds of electronic databases, reference tools, and digital archives, and millions of print resources. 

  • Faculty/instructors must be present for the duration of the session. It is crucial that instructors be on hand to answer questions about the research assignment. Librarians can lead students to available resources and teach them how to use them, but cannot advise students on whether or not their chosen research topic is acceptable or meets course requirements.

    Additionally, the librarian may give guidance to the course instructor on how to help students use the Course Guide after the Library Session. Instructors will be students’ primary resources in completing research assignments after the Library Session. 

  • Please consider contacting your Division Librarian or consult relevant LibGuides when you are planning your courses and designing new research assignments.

    The Division Librarian can help determine whether LCCC Library has sufficient resources to support your research assignment, and whether the assignment is realistic with regard to timeframe, level of difficulty, etc.

    Division Librarians can also help you design meaningful research assignments that incorporate principles of information literacy while advancing course goals. If you would like to engage a librarian in curriculum design, please reach out to the appropriate Division Librarian.
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