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Guide to searching the LCCC Library Catalog and the OhioLINK Catalog

Search the Library Catalog


Search for books, magazines, journals, video recordings, and music CDs at the LCCC Library. Type in one of the boxes below and click the Search button.

Find an item about this topic:


Find an item written by this author:


Find an item with a title that begins with:


Find an item with the Subject Heading:


Find an item labeled with this Call Number:


Find a book with the following ISBN:



Tip: Invert Author's Name

Always type an author's name with the last name first.

Example:  If you want to find books by Charles Dickens, type Dickens, Charles in the text box.

Tip: Finding Titles

Choose a title search if you know the full title or the beginning of the title of the book.


To find the book "One hundred years of solitude" with a title search, you could type the entire title or the even just the first few words of the title (One hundred or One hundred years). Do not choose a title search if you do not know the beginning of the title of the book.

NOTE: If you do not know the full title of the book, and the words you know are not from the beginning of the title, search for the book with a keyword search. So, for example, you could type words from the middle or end of the title (like "years of solitude" or only "solitude").

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