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Purpose of this guide

This guide serves as a launching point for students studying Engineering and Manufacturing courses at Lorain County Community College, although students from another field may find the resources presented here useful.

Use this guide to find out about books and online resources for engineering, including ebook and physical items, journals articles, website recommendations, reference material, and databases containing subject-specific content.

New Engineering and Manufacturing Books

LEGO Build Every Day : Ignite Your Creativity and Find Your Flow by Alec Posta
A City on Mars : Can We Settle Space, Should We Settle Space, and Have We Really Thought This Through? by Kelly Weinersmith; Zach Weinersmith
AutoCAD for Dummies by Ralph Grabowski
Wind Energy Revolution : How the 1970s Energy Crisis Fostered Renewed Interest in Electric-Generating Technology by T. Lindsay Baker (Contribution by)
Material World : the Six Raw Materials that Shape Modern Civilization by Ed Conway
Sticky : the Secret Science of Surfaces by Laurie Winkless
Materials Encyclopedia for Creatives by √Člodie Ternaux (Editor)
Nature's Wild Ideas : How the Natural World is Inspiring Scientific Innovation by Kristy Hamilton
Age of Auto Electric : Environment, Energy, and the Quest for the Sustainable Car by Matthew N. Eisler
Working with AI : Real Stories of Human-Machine Collaboration by Thomas H. Davenport; Steven M. Miller

Find new books from all subjects in our New Books LibGuide.

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Search Strategies

Using a combination of KEYWORDS with BOOLEAN OPERATORS between them will help maximize your relevant search results. The 3 common Boolean operators are AND, OR, and NOT.

  • Example: lightning strike AND power pole

Use parenthesis to group terms together. 

  • Example: (hurricane AND power poles) OR transmission lines

Use quotes to generate searches with words grouped in exactly that order.

  • Example: "3d printing" OR "additive manufacturing"

Use * to include all derivatives of a word: 

  • Example: comp* searches for all terms: computer, computing, computation, computers

Use NOT to exclude specific terms from the search:

  • Example: alloy NOT polymer will tell the search to exclude any results that include the word "polymer"

Search Example

The following example uses the Advanced Search feature of OneSearch, which can be accessed after typing in an initial search.

Saving Your Results

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