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Guide to using Kanopy video streaming service.

About Kanopy

Kanopy is an on-demand video streaming service available to LCCC faculty, students, and staff. The Kanopy collection includes a variety of subjects across many disciplines but its strength is feature films, indie titles, and documentaries. Kanopy tools allow you to:

  • create a personal watchlist,
  • develop playlists for use in classes,
  • edit videos to make clips.

Kanopy can be accessed 24/7 on or off campus. To access Kanopy from off campus, students, faculty and staff MUST use your LorainCCC email and password. All films come with public performance rights.

See the user guides in the Tabs above for help with Kanopy. Need additional help? Contact the Library's Research Desk at 440-366-4106 or email

Cite a Kanopy video

Kanopy offers an automatic citation generator accessible on the page of the film you wish to cite. Follow the steps below to get a pre-generated citation:

1: Hover over or click on the "...More" button right below the title of the film (right below the film itself) and select Citation Tool.

screenshot Kanopy citing tool

2: A box will appear below the "...More" button with the citation. To change the style (ex: MLA, APA, Chicago), click on the style in the upper left this box. Click "Copy text"

NOTE: It's always a good idea to double check automatically generated citations from databases. To see correct sample citations in various citation guides, check out our citation guides.

  • A "playlist" is a set of different clips or films that are curated and collated together into a single URL with the intention of being viewed together.
  • A clip is a shortened excerpt, or cut, of a video.
  • When a clip or playlist is created, it has a unique URL and can be made public or kept private. The URL can be shared with others via email or otherwise, and there is a unique embed code for it as well.

Create a Playlist:

1: In the toolbar beneath the film you wish to use, click "Create Clip/Playlist"

2: You will need to create a log-in account so that you can save your clips/playlists (this is different from your LCCC Library card/ID).

3: Once you have logged in, click on "Create Clip/Playlist" again and an option to create a new playlist will appear. Name your playlist and click "Create." This will automatically add the current video to your playlist.

4. If you are adding to an existing playlist, click "Add Video" to add the video on this current video page to your playlist. You will see the number of clips change when adding the video.

Create Clips

1. From a playlist, click on "Edit Playlist" to trim down the whole video into the clip you want.

2. To trim down the whole video into a clip, click "Edit."

3. To select the clip that you want in your playlist, you can either:

  • Click the player to start the film. When you want your clip to start, click "Capture" next to "Start Time". Then click "Capture" next to "Stop Time" when you want the clip to end.
  • Enter in the timecodes manually.

Once you are happy with your clip, click "Save Clip"

4. If you require more clips to be added to your playlist, click on "+ Click here to add a new clip".

Once you are happy with your overall playlist, you can view your playlist by clicking on the "My Playlists" tab on your Dashboard. Click on your playlist name to view it.

You will be able to share or embed any playlist you create, just as you would a regular film. 

Embed/Link a Kanopy video

Kanopy screenshot share

Below the film you would like to use, click on the "Share" button (arrow above). This opens the sharing or embedding code. Select if you would like to share or embed (circled above). Copy and paste the link or code.

Kanopy Mobile App

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