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African American History and Slavery

A research guide for students gathering resources for the study of African American history and the history of Slavery.

Evaluating Sources

When you search for information, you're going to find lots of it ... but is it accurate and reliable? The CRAAP Test lists questions you can ask to determine if the information you have is credible and useful, or is it a bunch of ...?! Learn More

Currency: When was the information published or posted?
Relevance: Does the source relate to your topic? Is the writing level appropriate?
Authority: What can you learn about the author/sponsor of the information and his/her credentials?
Accuracy: Can you verify the information found in the source?  Does the author cite sources?
Purpose: Is the information objective and impartial? Is the information someone's opinion? Are the author's facts backed up by evidence?

African American History Web Sites

Here are links to some trusted web sites on African American history and slavery.

Test Your Knowlege

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