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Academic Integrity

A guide to Academic Integrity at Lorain County Community College

Promoting Academic Integrity


  • Be clear about your expectations and rules for completing every assignment and test.
  • Model integrity by citing your sources, showing up on time and prepared, and changing your exams and assignments from year to year.
  • Limit temptations for cheating during your examinations.
  • Work with your school’s policy and processes to reduce cheating.
  • Rethink your out-of-class assignments – are they really measuring what you think they are?
  • See academic and professional integrity as part of your teaching job – it may be one of the most important things you teach!


  • Assume the students know which behaviors are cheating and which are not.
  • Tell students “don’t cheat or else” and expect that to work.
  • Allow students to keep their exams and then wonder why your exams are “out there.”
  • Confuse sloppy authorship with plagiarism – not all missed citations are an attempt to deceive.
  • Expect students to learn from their mistakes unless someone is facilitating that learning.

from Bart, Mary. "Do's and Don'ts for Promoting Academic Integrity." Faculty Focus, August 22, 2011.

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