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APA Style Guide - 7th edition

A guide to APA style

What kind of book?

The whole book:

  • Cities of the publishers are no longer included in the source element. This is a change from the APA 6th ed. 
  • If there is a version (e.g., 3rd ed.), include it after title, in parentheses, not italicized, followed by a period. 
Author, A. A. (Year). Title of book: Subtitle if there is one (version). Publisher Name. 


McPherson, J. M. (2009). Abraham Lincoln. Oxford University Press. 

⇒ In-text parenthetical citation: (McPherson, 2009)

⇒ In-text narrative citation: McPherson (2009)

A chapter in a book: 

  • Notice the chapter author is last name, first initial, but the editor(s) is first initial, last name.
  • Do include p. or pp. for page numbers in a chapter reference (unlike in an article reference).
  • If there is a version (e.g., 3rd ed.), include it before the page numbers, separated by a comma. 

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of chapter. In E. E. Editor (Ed.), Title of book (version, pp. ##–##). Publisher Name. 


Soto, G. (2016). Looking for work. In G. Colombo, R. Cullen, & B. Lisle (Eds.), Rereading America: Cultural contexts

for critical thinking and writing (pp. 19-24). Bedford St. Martin's.

⇒ In-text parenthetical citation: (Soto, 2016)

⇒ In-text narrative citation: Soto (2016)

Entry in a Reference Work (e.g., dictionary or encyclopedia): 

  • You don't have to include the publisher in the source element if it is the same as the author. 
Group Author. (Year). Entry title. In Reference book title (version, p. #). Publisher. 


Merriam-Webster. (2003). Litmus test. In Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary (11th ed., p. 727).

⇒ In-text parenthetical citation: (Merriam-Webster, 2003)

⇒ In-text narrative citation: Merriam-Webster (2003)

(Hint:  Do not use highlighting in your reference list.)

Scroll through the subsequent tabs, above, for information about how to cite books.  

For more details see pages 321–329 in the APA Manual or

APA Style Guide Book

APA Style Guide Book Chapter

APA Style Guide Dictionary

Follow almost the same template as print books, except

  • from a database,
    • include a DOI, if there is one, after the publisher name; 
    • do not include a URL, permalink or database name if there is no DOI.  Treat it as a print source. 
  • Online,
    • include the URL after the publisher. 

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of book (version). Publisher Name. or https://xxx             


Editor, E. E. (Ed.). (Year). Title of book (version). Publisher Name. or https://xxx


Gehlert, S., & Browne, T. (Eds.). (2019). Handbook of social work (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

⇒ In-text parenthetical citation: (Gehlert et al., 2019)

⇒ In-text narrative citation: Gehlert et al. (2019)

For more details see pages 321–329 in the APA Manual or

APA Style Guide Book

Use this format to cite any wiki page, including pages for Wikipedia entries. 

  • When citing Wikipedia, cite an archived version of the page so readers can retrieve the version you used.
    • Access the archived version by selecting View History and then the time and date of the version you used (likely the most recent). Copy and paste that URL into the Reference. 
    • If a wiki does not provide permanent links to an archived versions of the page, include the URL for the entry and a retrieval date. 


Oil painting. (2019, December 8). In Wikipedia

⇒ In-text parenthetical citation: “Oil Painting,” (2019) 

⇒ ‚ÄčIn-text narrative citation: “Oil Painting” (2019) 

For more details see page 329 in the APA Manual or

 APA Style Guide Wikipedia

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