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Hikmat Chedid

Hikmat Chedid, Professor
Lorain County Community College
Guest Speaker in Bass Library 
February 2, 2016; 12-1pm
LC 209




Think math, physics, and  electrical and industrial engineering

Think math, physics, and  electrical and industrial engineering. Now, stretch a little further, and think fiber optics, digital communications and computer systems and then you are beginning to enter the realm of Hikmat Chedid, Professor at Lorain County Community College in the Engineering, Business and Information Technology Division. Chedid will be spotlighting his most recent CSI-like interests as guest speaker at the Library’s Focus on Faculty February 2nd event, when he will speak about “Digital and Mobile Forensics: Crime Solved in 1s and 0s.”  The event will take place from 12-1 pm in LC 209 (LCCC Bass Library) on February 2, 2016, and is free and open to the public.

 Multiple Master’s Degrees

Chedid holds multiple Master’s Degrees —in Mathematics, Physics and Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering— all from Cleveland State University.  The degrees— respectively with concentrations in system optimization using programming tools, in Fiber Optics and Digital Communication and in Computer Systems Manufacturing—provided extraordinary positioning for his current interest—using computer data to solve crimes.  

Campus Program Developer

It is Chedid who developed the Computer Engineering Technology Program at LCCC, including three majors (the Computer and Digital Forensics major, the Industrial Computing Applications Specialist major and the Business Forensics Investigations major) and three certificates of proficiency programs.  People on the LCCC campus quickly identify Chedid with the long-standing computer refurbishing program, in which computer science program students repair donated computers which are then offered free to financially challenged students. This was tied to his leadership in the Bridging the Digital Divide initiative. Others recognize him as the Director of the Advanced Digital Forensics Institute anchored at LCCC’s Ridge campus. He also is known as the Program Director of the Computer and Digital Forensics Program. We should not be surprised to know that, in addition, Chedid holds the title of Program Coordinator of Computer Maintenance and Networking, of Business Forensics Investigations and of the Industrial Computing Applications Specialist Programs.


Courses he has taught include Digital Design; A+ Certification Preparation I and II; C, C++ and Linux for Hardware Interfacing; Digital Forensics: Data Collection, Analysis and Forensics Tools; Network Forensics and Cyber Forensics. He is currently developing a new course entitled Mobile and Cell Phone Forensics.


The recipient of numerous equipment grants from entities such as the Altera Corporation and the EnCase Corporation, Chedid also served as local industry consultant and participated in the implementation of numerous engineering projects and designs.

The teaching profession has similarly recognized him with such awards as Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award (1993/94), Faculty Excellence Award (2000), You Make a Difference Award (2001) and  the NOCHE [Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education] Award for Teaching Excellence (2003).

More Information

For more information on the February 2, 2016, presentation “Digital and Mobile Forensics: Crime Solved in 1s and 0s,” contact Rita Blanford in the Bass Library at 440-366-7279.  A recording of his presentation is available for loan from the Bass Library.


Learning to Code

Learning to Code From Cleveland, Ohio's radio broadcast on WCPN's Sound of Ideas (20 January 2016) program, we learn that "coding is where the jobs are growing, but the training lags. Most high schools have no computer science classes. But some tech advocates say coding literacy may be as important as language literacy, and they're beefing up efforts -- outside the classroom and inside schools -- to teach students and adult workers how to write computer code." Links to area resources for learning to code are also provided.


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